Is Pursuing a Teaching Degree Online a Good Idea?

With so many options available for students, it is almost certain that any prospective student has come across online programs while involved in their college search. For students who wish to train as teachers, there are hundreds of online programs available in almost every teaching concentration. As a result, there are high quality options for teacher training in an online format. If students keep a few key elements in mind, they can select a fantastic program that will allow them to complete their teaching degree online.

Teacher Education
Quality of Faculty

Just like with a traditional program, online programs are only as successful as the strength of their faculty. Therefore, prospective students should do a quick search of the current faculty in a program, and even take a moment to run a search on the internet for their accomplishments and publications. This small effort can ensure that students choose a program that employs a faculty of experts in pedagogy and instructional design. After all, online programs allow for great discussion and feedback from professors. A great faculty maximizes the impact of this advantage.


With individual state teaching licenses requiring the completion of a fully accredited teacher training program, it is important that an online program be accredited. This is usually found in the “about us” section of the program website. Also, students should check the state’s department of education website for a list of programs that meet certification criteria in that state. With online program popularity increasing, most states have a variety of online degree programs on their approved list. However, students should check before committing to a specific program.

Reputation and Clinical Placements

Depending on the specialty area in question, it can be difficult to find a teaching job. That means a strong program with a great clinical placement can help students to stand out from the applicant pool. Since online programs require no physical visit to a campus, students can select from the entire menu of online programs. It could make sense, depending on career goals, for students to select a major university for their coursework.

Final Thoughts

Online degrees for teachers are a great way to balance cost and convenience. There is a wide range of programs that can absolutely help students develop a great career in education. However, as with any decision, proper research and investigation is advised.