The Ins-and-Outs of Career Development

Career development takes place when a person or business creates a detailed plan in regards to reaching career goals and improving work-related skills. For an individual person, the plan will, of course, include individual goals. For a business entity, the plan will include steps that can be taken by a wide variety of workers.

Business Career Development

It is often a human resources department that is responsible for an employer’s career development agenda. Workers in this department will collaborate with one another, analyzing the company’s needs, and creating a career development plan that helps the company to reach a wide range of business goals. Much of the time, these will include:
Career Development

  • Increasing profit levels
  • Increasing office locations
  • Boosting brand awareness on the Internet
  • Meeting both consumers’ and workers’ needs

Individual Career Development

There are many ways to go about achieving career development. One is to access relevant education, such as college-level courses, certification programs and much more. A person’s particular career development plan will determine the best type of relevant education to take part in.

Individual career development goals tend to include:

  • Acquiring a pay raise
  • Obtaining a promotion, regardless of the salary terms
  • Working a 40-hour week versus part-time
  • Securing a position that has retirement and health benefits
  • Moving from one industry to another
  • Meeting requirements to obtain certain types of certification and licensure

Benefits Gained From Career Development

Once a person or business entity takes part in career development, there will be many benefits gained. For starters, a person will have a better sense of self-accomplishment because he or she will be better able to carry out his or her work-related duties.

For businesses, workers will come together such that productivity levels are boosted, customer satisfaction will be enhanced, and higher profit levels.

Anyone looking to take his or her career to the next level should carefully consider taking part in career development. For those who are already employed, speaking with an employer’s human resources department can be especially advantageous because, many times, such a department already has implemented steps that can be followed to begin the path to career development.