The LSAT: How to Prepare and Ace the Test

Every year, thousands of students apply to law school with dreams of a rewarding career in the legal field. The first step towards law school is taking the Law School Admission Test or LSAT, for short. The test is notoriously very challenging, and many of the top law schools require a very high score. The LSAT is an essential step in the law school admission process. In preparing for the LSAT, there are many factors one must consider. Study programs are available in schools, online and various home study courses.

As for the test itself, the LSAT consists of four parts: reading comprehension, logical games, analytical reasoning, and a writing sample. There is also an unscored fifth section, also known as the “experimental” section, but which section is unscored is unknown to the test takers.

One way to approach the LSAT may be to take the following steps:

  1. Select a test date
  2. Select a study program
  3. Prepare at home or in a study group
  4. Ace the test

The test is administered four times every year through the Law School Admissions Council. When selecting a date, prospective test takers must look at several factors, including preparation time, test locations and proposed law school entry date. Most law schools want a current LSAT score, so select the date that will allow the most time to prepare an excellent law school application.

When selecting a study program, one must take several things into consideration. First, a test taker should choose whether to take the courses online or in the classroom. While online classes are easy and convenient, courses in an actual school offer face-to-face interaction with someone who has taken, and usually performed very well on, the LSAT. After choosing a school, one should ask the following questions:

  • What kind of time is required?
  • Where do the classes take place?
  • Do I get one-on-one time with a teacher?
  • How qualified are the instructors?

After choosing a test date and a study program, the work of actually preparing for the LSAT begins. Admission into law school is a very competitive process, so a very high LSAT score is absolutely essential to gain entry into the top programs. Many schools have a minimum score before they even take a look at your application. For these reasons, quality preparation for the LSAT is an integral start to any future lawyer’s career.