Why Earning a High School Diploma or GED is Important for Career Building

One of the key credentials needed towards building one’s career is to obtain either a High School Diploma or a GED. Most firms require applicants to have either one of these and you also cannot earn an undergraduate degree without either other one.

Therefore, earning one’s high school diploma is crucial whether one wants to enter the job market right after graduation or pursue an undergraduate degree from an accredited university. If one did not complete high school, is currently working and realizes that education will help him or her advance in his or her career goals, then he or she will need to find a way to earn a GED.

High School / GED

To an employer, a job candidate who has graduated from high school is an individual with the basic skills and knowledge needed to work. To a college admissions officer, a high school graduate’s record helps the college or university assess whether or not this candidate has the skills, knowledge and academic abilities to receive an undergraduate degree and work in their chosen field after graduation. Therefore, one’s academic performance and activity choices while in high school are crucial to the student’s career goals after graduation.

Students should start thinking about their career goals seriously in middle school, before they start high school so that they can know what kind of courses they want to take, and to what level. For example, a student who plans to get a career that requires an undergraduate degree or higher after graduation from high school will need to take honors courses, AP courses, and if possible, IP courses. These students will also need to figure out what kind of extracurricular activities they need to participate in, because college admissions officers look at these to see how involved students are with their school and community. The student might want to choose as many courses and extracurricular activities as they can that relate to their prospective major in college and career path. For example, if a prospective student wants to become a biochemist, they would need to take a lot of AP and Honors science and math classes and find science and math-related extracurricular activities.

Not all students make a career choice that requires a higher education degree. However, if one is to graduate from high school, he or she still needs to keep one’s career goals in mind. Many high schools offer specialized tech and trade programs and classes that can help a student prepare for a career of their choice right after graduation.